website design

We’re great at building stunning, modern, mobile responsive websites. Many web designers are. But not every web designer wants to know about you and your business goals. We do because it’s crucial to the design.

Do you plan to expand?

Are you selling in 2 years?

Do you want to convert to a sophisticated atmosphere?

The answers to these questions and more are important to the solution we design for you.

We dig deep…real deep. We can’t imagine designing a website without knowing the ultimate objectives the owner has for the business. This is Strategic Web Design.

Strategic Web Design

When you work with us we’ll uncover the unique needs and goals of your business. It’s different for everyone. That’s why we don’t offer standard ”one-size-fits-all” restaurant website design packages. Instead, we design a custom solution for each client we work with. When we have absolute clarity on your goals we move forward with strategic web design. What is “strategic web design?" you ask...

Strategic web design is the fusion of your organizational goals with every aspect of our design process. We aren’t simply designing a user interface that looks good and is usable and accessible. We’re designing an interface that will help you accomplish your organization’s objectives.

Website Design Inclusions

Our websites include all of the following essential elements.  Every website should!

Custom Website Design

Custom website design & color palette so your website instills supreme trust in your market

Social Media Integration

Social media integration to prove to Google that you are a player in your field and worthy of page 1

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive so those searching from their phone can easily navigate and find what they’re looking for

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS so you can easily add and edit content on your website

Optimized for Local SEO

Optimized for local SEO so you become BFFs with Google and rank higher in search results

Website Analytics

Website analytics to track progress

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis to ensure you are reaching your target market


Training so you feel confident using WordPress, reviewing analytics and managing your digital marketing efforts

Fast Loading

Fast loading so Google loves you and so customers don’t get tired of waiting for your page to load and head over to your competitor’s site


30 days support after you go live to address any issues that surface

Optional Add Ons

  • Logo Design

  • Photography

  • Email Sign-up

  • Copywriting

  • Website Care Plan